Company founder Marc Siebel was selected in the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey from 2011 to 2019 as one of the 30 best European fund managers in the categories Fund Manager Germany, Fund Manager Equities Europe/Strategy and Fund Manager Capital Goods, out of more than 3,000 participants. Of particular note is the rank #14 out of 500 managers in 2019 for European equities in the Capital Goods sector.

The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey 2013 results published in June 2013 confirm the expertise of the company. Peacock Capital has been ranked among the Top 20 German fund managers/advisors along with well-established names such as Allianz Global Investors, LBBW Asset Management, DEKA and Union Investment. Manager Siebel's expertise regarding European equities, strategy as well as his capital goods sector knowledge has been highlighted in particular.

The survey, conducted annually since 1974, ranks several thousand capital market experts from around the world. The process is independently checked and verified by Deloitte.



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Marc's disciplined and thorough approach to company analysis was always notable, as was the exceptional performance he generated for our clients. Marc´s track record is excellent, and I therefore have great confidence in Peacock Capital’s ability to generate consistently high returns over the coming years.”
Luke Nunneley,
Former CEO of WestLB Mellon Asset Management
I have followed Marc's investment career since he was a student of mine fifteen years ago. He has had an excellent track record in the formal investment environment. I expect him to continue to excel as he launches Peacock Capital. The absolute return objective of Peacock Capital should be attractive to investors and should help to fill a gap in the investment arena.
Roger Bey, Former Professor and Chairman Department of Finance and Operations Management
University of Tulsa, U.S.A.
In my function as CFO of Grenkeleasing AG, I got to know Marc Siebel as an investor who consistently follows a clear investment approach and is capable of identifying and understanding what drives a company's value. Peacock Capital's investment strategy is an interesting alternative to conventional investments.
Prof. Dr. Uwe Hack
Furtwangen University


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